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      Corporate Profile
        The Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the SPERI) was founded in 1959 and it was formerly known as the Steam Turbine & Boiler Research Institute under the First Machinery Industry Department. It is the Class I Research Institute for development and application of the national power generation equipment manufacturing industry in China. On July 1st, 1999 ...
      Technical Platform
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         National Engineering Research Center  of Power Equipment for Clean and  Efficient Utilization of Coal
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         State Nuclear Equipment and Material  Enterprise qualification & Consultant Center
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         Machinery Industry Power Equipment  Quality Supervision and Inspection  Center
      Technical Fields
      Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine
      Automatic Control
      System integration and
        optimization discipline
      New energy
      Energy conservation and
        environmental protection technology
      Material technology
      Testing and assessment

      Laboratory Introduction
      Nuclear Safety Equipment Qualification Experiment Facilities
      Technical Research Laboratory of Boilers
      Materials Research Laboratory
      Technical Research Laboratory of Steam Turbines

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